Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre – 6 years old and up Musical Theatre combines the arts of dance, drama, and singing in one fun-filled activity! Musical Theatre class is primarily a character jazz dance class with elements of acting and singing mixed in with the dancing. Performance is an important part of Musical Theatre education, so classes work … Read more


Jazz – 6 years old and up Students will learn the basics of American jazz dance, the popular style which combines classical leaps and jumps, with street dance, hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre and more into a fun-filled, creative dance form. All classes will focus on stretching at the beginning of class to develop flexibility … Read more

Hip Hop

Hip Hop – 5 years old and up Dancers will explore popular, ever-changing “hip-hop” dance moves to “hip-hop” music. This is an energetic, fun dance form combining athleticism, agility, rhythm, and moves found in many music videos and other popular performance pieces. All music and dance moves are clean and age-appropriate. “Kinderhop” is our introduction … Read more


Contemporary – 8 years old and up Contemporary dance is a form of dance growing in popularity in recent years. It combines the beauty of ballet and some of the technique, with the freedom and creativity of modern dance. Contemporary’s predecessor, Lyrical, focused on interpreting the lyrics of the music in the movement of the dance. … Read more


Ballet – Pre-school through High School Students learn the structure of a ballet class, the skills associated with ballet, as well as the grace, poise, and strength required of the art form. Classes as young as first grade will start at the ballet barre, doing the traditional exercises to stretch muscles and strengthen skills necessary … Read more