Ballet – Pre-school through High School

Students learn the structure of a ballet class, the skills associated with ballet, as well as the grace, poise, and strength required of the art form. Classes as young as first grade will start at the ballet barre, doing the traditional exercises to stretch muscles and strengthen skills necessary to perform steps in the “center.”

Younger classes may learn and practice the “barre” exercises in the center of the room, so they can see themselves in the mirror and learn the proper technique and alignment more easily.

All classes will stretch, and learn “progressions” or skills that travel across the room, as well as petite allegro (small, fast skills such as jumps), Adagio (slow balance and strength skills) and turns in the center. Each ballet class will perform a dance in our spring recital.

Pointe will be offered to students, ages 12- 18, by teacher approval only, according to their skill level, experience, and the natural inclination of their bodies. Beginners in pointe will concentrate on strengthening the ankles and feet with exercises at the barre. After strength is gained, students move to the center of the room and begin learning ballet skills already mastered in flat slippers, using pointe technique. Pointe classes will perform in recital only after steps in the center are mastered and comfortable for the dancers.

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