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Contemporary/ Ballet is a form of dance growing in popularity in recent years. It combines the beauty of ballet and some of the technique, with the freedom and creativity of modern dance. Contemporary’s predecessor, Lyrical, focused on interpreting the lyrics of the music in the movement of the dance. Contemporary often interprets the overall feeling or storyline of the music, and sometimes can also follow a storyline that is a creation of the choreographer. Ballet is an integral part of performing contemporary well, and contemporary training brings out a dancer’s natural elegance and grace as she is performing ballet. Combining these genres for our older beginners provides a well-rounded training. More advanced levels will take ballet and contemporary separately. Contemporary/Ballet will perform 1 dance (contemporary) in recital.

Jazz students will learn the basics of American jazz dance, the popular style which combines classical leaps and jumps, with street dance, hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre and more into a fun-filled, creative dance form. All classes will focus on stretching at the beginning of class to develop flexibility for skills such as kicks and leap. Students will also learn the proper technique for a variety of turns and will practice the balance required to execute these turns. Footwork and other steps will be taught in fun combinations set to popular music.

Hip Hop Dancers will explore popular, ever-changing “hip-hop” dance moves to “hip-hop” music. This is an energetic, fun dance form combining athleticism, agility, rhythm, and moves found in many music videos and other popular performance pieces. Making sure that all music and dance moves are clean and age-appropriate is top priority!

Tap classes focus on sounds made with the feet and develop timing, rhythm, and coordination. Younger and beginner dancers learn basic Broadway-style tap with an emphasis on keeping a beat with the music, tapping at the appropriate volume and gaining precision. As tappers become more skilled they focus on speed and move onto rhythm tap methods. Tap dance is a relatively new form of dance (around 200 years old) and was developed right here in the United States. It is an ever-changing and growing dance form and classes will adapt to follow the trends as they develop.

Drill Team Prep For dancers trying out for their high school drill team, this program specifically concentrates on strength, flexibility, and the skills required in high school drill team- kicks, leaps, turns, and basic footwork and arms. We recommend that all students wishing to audition for drill team take both days consisting of jazz & drill team skills and contemporary/ballet and stretch/conditioning.

Pointe will be offered to students ages 12- 18, with at least 3 years of continuous ballet experience who meet certain physical criteria showing that their feet, ankles, and legs are ready for the strenuous work of pointe. Beginners en pointe will concentrate on strengthening the ankles and feet with exercises at the barre. After strength is gained, students move to the center of the room and begin learning ballet skills already mastered in flat slippers, using pointe technique. Pointe classes will perform in recital only after steps in the center are mastered and comfortable for the dancers.

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