Registration and Pricing

Steppin Time is excited to announce that we are now using all-inclusive pricing so that all recital and costume costs are included in the monthly fees, with no larger payments due throughout the year. This even includes a professional video of the show and a commemorative t-shirt! The recital is an integral part of a dancer’s development and a fantastic way for friends and family to celebrate the dancer’s hard work throughout the year. This way parents know exactly what is due every month, making participation in recital even easier! There is a once per year enrollment fee paid at sign up.


The following price schedule is valid through January 2021 enrollment:

Time per Week Monthly Tuition
30 minutes $102
45 minutes $109
1 hour $126
1 hr 15 mins $143
1 hr 30 mins  $160
1 hr 45 mins $171
2 hours $182
2 hrs 15 mins $194

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