What’s offered for Pre-K?

Creative Movement, ages 2-3, is designed to guide our youngest dancers as they explore the world of movement and ballet. If your dancer loves to move, can follow simple directions and is able to be away from you for 30 minutes, then they are ready to start class! Silly songs and imaginative games are used to keep them engaged as we cover the most basic ballet skills as we support gross and fine motor development and begin to teach classroom etiquette. This class performs 1 dance in recital.

Pre-school ballet/tap is for students ages 3-5 who are fully potty trained. Pre-school ballet concentrates on the positions of the feet (1st and 2nd) and arms (1st-5th) and the most basic movements that are the foundation of all ballet dancers. Students are also given the opportunity skip, twirl, pretend to be animals, and other fun activities during class. In tap, we cover basic tap skills as well as counting, rhythm and making loud and soft sounds. This class will perform 2 dances in recital- ballet and tap.

Hippity Hop (ages 3-5 and fully potty trained) is fantastic for our most energetic dancers to shake their sillies out and dance their hearts out. We begin to teach basic, age-appropriate, movements from hip-hop while developing gross and fine motor skills and developing rhythm and musicality. This class will perform 1 dance in recital.

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