Pre-School and Kinder/1st grade

Pre-School and Kinder/1st grade – Ballet and Tap Combo

We explore the very basic concepts of the classical forms of the dance, and good classroom behaviors while developing gross and fine motor skills, coordination, strength, and rhythm. This class will perform a ballet dance and a tap dance in our spring recital.

Pre-school ballet concentrates on the positions of the feet (1st and 2nd) and arms (1st-5th) and the most basic movements that are the foundation of all ballet dancers. Students are also given the opportunity skip, twirl, pretend to be animals, and other fun activities during class. In tap, we cover basic tap skills as well as counting, rhythm and making loud and soft sounds.

Kinder/1st grad classes cover everything pre-school classes cover as well more difficult steps and an emphasis is placed on doing the steps with proper technique. We start working towards good turn out in ballet. In tap, students are expected to tap together and with the beat of the music at all times.

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