What’s offered for Kinder/1st Graders?

Kinder/1st Ballet/Tap (ages 5-7), early elementary ballet/tap (ages 7-9) are the next step in ballet and tap training. As students grow up and progress through their dance classes more and more classical technique is taught. Students are challenged to not only do the steps that are asked of them but to do them with the proper posture, body alignment, support through the core and beautiful arms to finish the movement. Imagination games and silly activities are still utilized to engage students on another level, but teachers establish higher expectations of both movement and behavior to aid students in progressing in their dance technique. This class performs 2 dances in recital- ballet and tap.

Kinderhop (ages 5-7) and early elementary hip hop (ages 6-9) are super high energy classes that encourages body awareness and rhythm development while teaching the kids the popular dance moves they see on tv and from friends at school. This class performs 1 dance in recital.

Early elementary ballet/jazz is the dancer’s first introduction to American Jazz Dance, coupled with classical ballet. This sassy and expressive style combines classical leaps and jumps, with street dance, hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre and more into a fun-filled, creative dance form. Ballet continues to be taught as it is the basis of all dance forms and supports the technique needed to execute jazz. This class will perform 2 dances in recital- ballet and jazz.

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