Covid Update – October 2021

One of the most important and effective measures we have taken during the pandemic is reducing traffic in our lobby. We have four studios often running full classes simultaneously, so we can have upward of 40 students in the building at a time.

At class change times that can increase by 10 or more students and they are all crossing in a small area instead of spread out in our expansive dance rooms. We are reducing traffic in the following ways

  1. Releasing classes up to 5 minutes early so that one class exits the building completely before the next class enters. This also gives us a few minutes to LYSOL between some classes.
  2. Adding a second entrance for our company students so that there are two points of entry and exit.
  3. Asking parents of students kindergarten and older to limit time inside.

We have been very successful in keeping our dancers, teachers and families safe through in-person instruction during the pandemic and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation to continue our success.