Competition Tips from one Parent to Another

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Over the years, we have all learned the ropes of this crazy, exciting and super fun time in our child’s life. We wanted to share some of our tips and tricks for new parents or returning parents to the Company life.
Be organized (follow Jamie’s checklist) Even from house to car!
Check and double check costumes; put names on everything! (Count before you leave the driveway) Use individual garment bags for each costume and its accessories. I put the accessories in a sturdy baggie and hang them with the costume.
Have emergency kit on hand (scissors, hair spray, needle thread, safety pins)
Bring lots of snacks and activities (Note: eating in auditorium is mostly prohibited)
Blanket for auditorium or dressing rooms
Always, ALWAYS keep any negative comments to yourself. You never know who is sitting next to you. Our little secret is to text it to one another and that keeps our lips sealed. Husbands included!
Have extra tights on hand in case of a rip.
Bobby pins seem to disappear into the land of lost socks. Buy plenty and find a good way to store them. (Old medicine bottle, spice bottle, empty Tic Tac box, Altoids box, etc.)
Hair curls can fall out after a long time. We have found that curling wands, curling irons, hot rollers work best depending on the hair type. And, bring it with you!
Keep a small water bottle and hairspray ready for tackling fly-aways or hair re-dos.
Liquid eyeliner stays on longer and sharper. Sometimes girls are a bit antsy to let it dry but it really is best. I use a gel liner that works the same and doesn’t need as much drying time.
If you have more than one dancer, try using different color hangers for each.
Day of:
Be prepared for possibly long days.
Emotions can run high. Your dancer will feel all sorts of emotions: scared, excited, happy, sad, silly…
No videotaping or pictures during performances. If caught, they can disqualify the dance.
Get with other parents in dance to see if you want to split cost of group pictures taken by the competition company.
Be sure to cheer, shout out, and applaud during high-energy dances, but after lyrical or slower dances.
Do NOT walk into auditorium, in front of people, during a dance. Wait until the dance is over.
Trophies are available for purchase if you want them. The girls receive pins as an award