Katy – “musicality” award, titanium, 1st in category, 1st overall
Lacey – platinum, 9th overall
Brooke – platinum
Madeline – platinum
Haley – double platinum
Julia T – double platinum, 14th overall
Kaitlyn – platinum
Elizabeth – double platinum
Olivia – double platinum
Lucy – titanium, 1st in category, 2nd overall
Regan – platinum
Hannah – double platinum
Emily – platinum
Averiana – double platinum, 12th overall
Kaylee – platinum
Allison – platinum
Julia M – platinum
Ana – platinum
Rebecca (both solos) – platinum
Rachel – platinum

Better Together – “perfectly paired” award, titanium, 1st in category, 1st overall
I Always Will – double platinum, 8th overall
Oblivion – double platinum
Moses Supposes – platinum, 4th overall

Bathing Beauties – platinum
The Dummy Song – double platinum, 2nd overall
Anchor – double platinum
Solla Sollew – platinum
I Believe – double platinum
Welcome to the 90s – titanium, 1st in category, 3rd overall
Just Dance – platinum, 6th overall
Land of Yesterday – double platinum
I Spy You – double platinum, “musicality” award, 4th overall
Sweatin’ to the Oldies – double platinum, 1st overall
We Are Ghosts – platinum
Girl Power – double platinum, 3rd overall
Friend Like Me – double platinum, 4th overall