Pre-School and Kinder/1st grade- Ballet and Tap Combo

We explore the very basic concepts of the classical forms of the dance and develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, strength, and rhythm. This class will perform a ballet dance and a tap dance in our Spring Recital.

Musical Theatre – 6 years old and up

Musical Theatre combines the arts of dance, drama, and singing in one fun-filled activity! Musical Theatre class is primarily a character jazz dance class with elements of acting and singing mixed in with the dancing. Musical Theatre classes work toward several performances throughout the year- in the community and at the Spring Recital.

Hip Hop – 5 years old and up

Dancers will explore popular, ever-changing dance moves to “hip-hop” (age appropriate) music. This is an energetic, fun dance form combining athleticism, agility, rhythm, and moves found in many music videos and other popular performance pieces.

Contemporary – 8 years old and up

Contemporary is a form of dance growing in popularity in recent years. It is a form of dance that combines the beauty of ballet and some of the technique, with the freedom and creativity of modern dance.  Contemporary often interprets the overall feeling or storyline of the music, and sometimes can also follow a storyline that is a creation of the choreographer.

Ballet – Pre-school through High School

Students learn the structure of a ballet class, the skills associated with ballet, as well as the grace, poise, and strength required of the art form. Each ballet class will perform a dance in our Spring Recital. Pointe will be offered to students, ages 12- 18, by teacher approval only, according to their skill level, experience and the natural inclination of their bodies.

Tap – Pre-school through High School

Tap classes focus on rhythms made with the feet and develop timing, rhythm, and coordination. Each tap class will perform a dance in our Spring Recital.

Jazz – Elementary through High School

Students will learn the basics of American jazz dance, the popular style which combines classical leaps and jumps, with street dance, hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre and more into a fun-filled, creative dance form. For older students, Drill Team Jazz concentrates on the skills required in high school drill team. Contemporary Jazz concentrates on the popular forms of jazz evolving in the dance world today. Each jazz class will perform a dance in our Spring Recital.